With just under $197 million in sales (The Wedding Report, 2017) in 2016, the Charleston wedding industry is growing into a force larger than we ever expected.

The potential to grow your business is boundless and The Charleston Bridal Association is here to help you do just that. Membership in our association comes with great benefits, not the least of which is a deep well of resources and contacts that can help you grow and maintain a healthy, wedding-focused business. By taking advantage of our bride-facing marketing efforts, vendors have made connections with countless couples looking to create their dream Charleston wedding.

Did you know that last year alone, couples spent:

Million on wedding venue rental

Million on entertainment

Million on wedding attire

At The Charleston Bridal Association we track these trends and more to keep our finger on the pulse of what brides are telling Charleston that they want.

Armed with this information, we have the power to position your company within the industry where and when the wedding decision makers need to see you. With a comprehensive and modern website that provides value to visiting brides and grooms, your company is showcased in a central location. Through email marketing and our digital wedding guide, thousands of subscribers are encountering your services throughout the year. Our social media channels provide real-time opportunity to connect vendors with couples as they are planning. These powerful marketing efforts and more have helped The Charleston Bridal Association connect couples with Members for nearly 10 years.


Beyond the client introductions, one of the most important parts of becoming a Member of The Charleston Bridal Association is the wonderful network of other wedding industry professionals that becomes available to you. We all know Charleston is a networking town. Reputation and connections mean as much as offering and pricing. Photographers are making recommendations for entertainers and venues are making recommendations for caterers, etc. in almost every planning scenario. Through Membership meetings, luncheons and events, The Charleston Bridal Association provides opportunities for Members to connect, support and grow their business contacts within the industry.

Membership Payment
Your Email Address:

*Option to host/feature your products at any events (member will need to cover any cost associated).

**Fees may apply.

***At a minimum of 6 times a year with boost to prospects in the Charleston Area

As a member of the association, each member will off er CBA members a 10% off a service item of their choice

The Charleston Bridal Association has created Membership opportunities at three different levels, designed to fit your needs.

Learn more about the perks of each Membership level and become a part of the powerful network of The Charleston Bridal Association.